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NaNo Update, Week 1

Tonight ends week one of NaNoWriMo, and I must say it has gone quite swimmingly. In other words, I have been kicking ass and taking names! My word count as of right now stands at 19,565 words, and I plan to top 20,000 before I go to bed later. The bare minimum I should have had by today, if I were doing the minimum of 1,667 words per day, is 11,666. So I’ve got a nice little 7,899 word lead over the minimum count. It’s nice to have a buffer there just in case I can’t write a couple of days this month, for whatever reason.

And I even developed a cold a few days ago. Totally stuffed up, but it hasn’t slowed me down.

In my last post, I said I was going to take this lightly and have fun with it, but I decidedĀ not to do that, after all. I’m writing sword-and-sorcery, but the story is “serious” and I’m not just writing whatever I want in there. I’m really loving it so far, and I’m absolutely having fun writing it even though it turned out to be a “real” story and not just a free-for-all. I love reading sword-and-sorcery, and so I’m doing my best to create my own contribution to the genre. And at the head of that contribution is my own warrior woman, the fearless Ethraton!


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