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New covers; Viewing a manuscript on the iPad (for editing)


I downloaded the image editing program Gimp yesterday! I made new covers for my two published short stories (see on “My Works” page), and, an attempt at making a cover for my romance novel, The World on a String. The first draft is nearly done (at 32,000 words as of this morning, figuring it will end around 45,000 – I like short novels, so it figures I would write a short one)! Yay! I thought it would be fun to go ahead and try to design a cover for the novel in order to figure out how to use Gimp. What do you think? This is my second attempt at the cover.

Now: as to viewing a manuscript on the iPad. I wanted to see my manuscript for The World on a String in my Kindle app on my iPad, as though it were an ebook (for editing purposes – similar to printing something out to see it in a different way). It was pretty easy to do, and it was neat seeing it close to its final form on screen. This is what I did:

In Pages on my iMac, I opened the manuscript file and clicked Share > Send via Mail – PDF. Sent it to my email address. Opened my email on my iPad, opened the message containing the pdf file, and clicked on the download icon for the file. When it opened, I clicked in the upper right corner on the little icon for sharing, and had the option “Open in Kindle”. Clicked that, and presto: my manuscript in the Kindle app, looking all nice and pretty and different. I caught a couple of errors right off the bat, since I was seeing it differently for the first time.


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