Mead, Writing, and Running

I made my first batch of mead a few days ago! I’m excited about it. It’ll be ready in 6 months (though I can wait longer than that, I’m too impatient to do so).

As far as NaNoWriMo goes, I’m at 32,000 words. I did have a nice lead with my word count in the first week, but the past few days my writing has come to a standstill, mostly out of laziness. But thinking about the fact that I only have 18,000 to go until I “win” is motivating for me. 18,000 is nothing! I’m already 64% of the way to 50k! So, today I’m going to hunker down and write, write, write.

I have an on again/off again relationship with running. I ran for the first time in a while on Sunday, so today I’m going to run again, and I’m actually looking forward to it! I’m just waiting for it to warm up first outside. I’m going to try to have a nice productive day and get my running done and my writing done.


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