New Novelette; Issues with Pages


Yesterday, I published my second ebook (Amazon & Smashwords), a horror novelette called El Diablo. I wrote the thing in Pages, half on my iPad and half on the iMac. When it was done, I converted the file to .doc. Come to discover, that all the passages in the story in italics (mostly thoughts) had been un-italicized. A little Googling revealed that Smashwords apparently has issues with documents made in Pages. Sooo… I’m currently downloading OpenOffice to stick my manuscript in there to make it acceptable to Smashwords so that my italics don’t disappear. Blah! So, it is up on the Kindle Store and Smashwords, but I’m going to wait to link to it here until I can get the italics issues fixed.

I’m happy to see that I have made several sales of my two ebooks thus far, and a couple of dollars in earnings. This is such great motivation! I’m working on my third ebook currently, a novelette that introduces the fantasy world I’ve been laboring over, and the main character. I originally planned to write a novel about this girl in this world, but it dawned on me that I could do as Robert E. Howard did, and write a series of shorter tales about this girl in her world, a la Conan the Barbarian in the world of the Hyborian Age, as published in 17 novelettes and novellas in Weird Tales. This is so much more appealing to me than a novel! So, I’m diving into the first story about the girl and her adventures. I love the world I’m creating – it’s an extensive fantasy world inspired by native cultures of North and South America.


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