Fixed My Formatting Issue!

Maybe my experience with Pages and an italics issue can help someone!

For the two ebooks I’ve published, The Devil and Thomas Wright and El Diablo, I used Pages to produce the documents, and created a .doc file from Pages to upload to KDP (Kindle) and Smashwords. On both platforms, for both ebooks, the italics in each document were wiped out. I discovered that .doc files created with Pages apparently has this problem, so the answer was to use either OpenOffice or Word instead to create the .doc file for an ebook.

So, I got OpenOffice last night. At the same time, my husband got Word for Mac for me. I tried OpenOffice first, and didn’t like it, so I tried Word for Mac. I tried the “Nuclear” version first by copying all the text in my original Pages .doc file and pasting it into the text editor JEdit, where all formatting was wiped out. I then copied all that new unformatted text and pasted it into Word. Following this guide, I created new Style types for the title, author name, centered text, italicized text, etc. so I could use those Styles to format my text instead of clicking on the specific formatting buttons themselves.

Everything was well and good until I got to the actual issue of the italicized text. The title and author name formatted exactly as the Style I created specified, but, when I selected the first phrase that needed to be in italics and clicked the Italics Style I created, the entire paragraph that phrase was in turned into italics. I retried doing it a million different ways but the whole paragraph kept italicizing! I was getting SO frustrated.

Finally, I tried this: I skipped the part about dropping the Pages text into JEdit first. I copied all the text from the original Pages document (containing the needed italicized text) and just pasted it straight into Word. All the italics were where they needed to be, but I still needed to see if the document would upload to Smashwords and KDP containing the italics.

I uploaded that sapsucker, and I was so excited to see that the italicized text stayed italicized! Everything was perfect! Finally! So, I just uploaded new versions of both of my ebooks to Kindle and Smashwords with the italics issue fixed. YAY!

I’m just glad I learned to correct this issue before I published any more titles! Fixing two was not a big deal, more would just be a hassle…

So… here’s the link to the italicized-where-needed updated version of El Diablo on Smashwords! (The Amazon version is still updating; it takes forever!):

El Diablo

Check it out! 🙂



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2 responses to “Fixed My Formatting Issue!

  1. Did you highlight the exact word that needed italicizing? Because that is how a style works. It will “stylize” the entire paragraph in which you use it *unless* you specifically highlight the one word or phrase. 🙂

    • Hey Heather, I loved your guide, it helped me so much!

      Yes, I highlighted the exact phrase, and when I clicked the Italics style, it changed the entire paragraph. I even tried bumping the rest of the paragraph onto the next line so that nothing came after the phrase, and that worked, until I backspaced on the paragraph to get it back behind the italicized phrase, and it all changed into italics! So, I found out in the end that bypassing the JEdit step and just pasting from Pages to Word worked out just fine for me. Thanks for your awesome guide! 🙂

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