What I’m Reading, What I Gave Up On, & What I’m Writing

What I’m Reading:

The Fellowship of the Ring – J.R.R. Tolkien (I never get tired of rereading it!)

Red Nails – Robert E. Howard (Conan the Barbarian!- I had to laugh at the dialogue tag “quoth he”. No joke, that’s really there)

What I Gave Up On:

Under The Dome – Stephen King (boring) (gave up: 120 pages in)

The Eyes of the Dragon – Stephen King (extra boring) (gave up: 90 pages in)

What I’m Writing:

El Diablo – (horror novelette) Nearly done. I should have been done with it a while ago but I got distracted by another idea! (see below)

Roem (working title) – Fantasy story inspired by native cultures and mythologies of North and South America. Originally intended to be “sword and sorcery” but has developed into more epic-ish fantasy. No elves, dragons, trolls, orcs, dwarves involved. I thought, why is pseudo-medieval Europe the standard setting for fantasy stories? I want to do something different.

What are you reading/writing/giving up on?



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3 responses to “What I’m Reading, What I Gave Up On, & What I’m Writing

  1. I’m such a big supporter of the King, but I also had to give up on Under the Dome.

  2. Hi Jenny. I just found about you on Twitter. I read a lot. I love Stephen King and I loved Under the Dome. Yes, i know it is huge, I guess i really found intriguing how everyday normal people changed once they were cut off from the rest of the world and it kept me going. Needful Things, again by Stephen King, i didn’t finish, while I read The Cell in two days. In YA I finished the Hunger games trilogy in like three weeks, I really did not like the mortal instruments; once it was close to incest, i stopped reading–and i really regret buying the books as a trilogy. World with no End, i didn’t finish. The story starts really great, but towards 3/4 of it, it is something close to a soap-opera, so I read the last page and quit.

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