iPad Difficulties

I’m still at my sister’s house for another few days until my husband gets done with training. Until then, I can only access the internet from my iPhone which has a badly cracked screen (translation: getting on the internet sucks right now).

Soon, I’ll be home and able to witness the power of my fully armed and operational wifi connection! Fire at will, commander!

Oops, brain went into Star Wars mode. Anyway, for some dang reason, my iPad will barely charge, which means my writing has suffered in productivity the last week (I use Storyist on the iPad for all of my writing- I have a backup notebook to write in, but I prefer typing). I finished a new short story called The Devil and Thomas Wright in the mini-bouts of precious battery charge I get for an hour each day. It’s a dark humor story that tells the final days of the jealous brother of the aviation pioneers, Wilbur and Orville Wright, and his deal with the Devil that proves to seal his fate.


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