The Power of Stories

I know that I must not be the only person who sometimes thinks, “Why should I write? Why should I add my stories to the world? There are infinite stories already; what do mine add?” Well, I thought about that briefly this morning before answering those questions with more questions:

What if Mark Twain had thought that and never wrote his stories? (I would not be reading the delightful Adventures of Tom Sawyer right now and marveling at the subtle mastery within its pages!)

What if George Lucas had thought that? What if Star Wars never existed? (I met my husband on the Star Wars forums at! We may have never met! What a tragedy my life might be if I had never met and fallen in love with my husband!)

What if J. R. R. Tolkien had thought that? (We would all be without the wondrous world of Middle Earth and the characters within that so many people hold close in their hearts!)

What if (insert your own favorite storyteller) had thought that?

So, I realized the fallacy of my original doubts. Stories bring people together, and make our lives so much richer. As storytellers, we should never question for a second the usefulness of our stories. We may not be a Twain or a Tolkien (yet!), but our stories do have a purpose. And maybe one day, our stories will be the next stories that inspire generations and bring new people together! That is why we should write.


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