New Short Story

I decided to write me a little ol’ short story today. I sat down to write, and an image popped into my head of a boy going quail hunting. I just started writing from that image and wrote whatever came into my head. And here’s the result! It’s a little story about two friends in 1978 who go quail hunting together.

I should note here something kind of funny to me. I don’t really like reading stories written in first person, especially so if the story is present tense. When I started writing this story and these 2,000 words spilled out of my head in one long steady stream, it came out in first person present tense. I just wrote what I saw, and for some reason it came out like this. I guess that when a story is just pouring out of you, you just have to follow it however it comes. I did that with this one and ended up with a story I’m happy with!

The story is on Wattpad. Here’s the link:

Quail Huntin’ with President Carter

I hope you enjoy!


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