Writing a Children’s Book

Last night, I got the wild idea to write a children’s book. I loved reading when I was young, but I can’t recall reading very much science fiction geared towards young girls. I watched the Star Wars Original Trilogy movies on nearly a daily basis, so I was in love with space adventures. So why don’t I remember reading any space adventures for girls under twelve? There’s probably some of this type of book out there, but I never saw any when I was young.

So, I decided to write a book specifically for young girls, ages 6 to 9, set in the future, featuring a 7 year old girl. The story idea I came up with last night revolves around a girl, named Caitlyn, having to deal with the upsetting fact that her family is moving to the Mars Colony and the corresponding difficulties that she has with coping with such a huge change in her life. I started on it last night and found writing for young children to be very enjoyable. I love the character of Caitlyn already, and oh, I should mention that I have a baby niece named Caitlyn who I am writing this book for! I’m looking forward to the day several years down the road that I can give her this book. I hope it might inspire her to have an interest in science fiction just like I had when I little!


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