Writing with Family

I just found out today that my stepmom, Janna, is also doing NaNoWriMo like me! We didn’t even know we were both doing it until she sent me the link to the website. It’s her third NaNo and my first! I’m really looking forward to writing together with her. Her daughter, my stepsister Libby, might also try to do it with us. I’m looking forward to having a family write in or two or three in November! I’m very big on family so this is exciting for me! 🙂

I took a break from writing today because in the past 2 weeks I’ve been outlining and writing like crazy as a warmup for NaNo (also because I love it!). I’m nearly 12,000 words into a sci fi love story I began as practice for November. I used to love writing fiction when I was in school and college, but since I’m all “growed up” now I haven’t written in a long time and I felt like I needed the practice. In fact, the flash fiction I posted earlier is actually a rebooted version of a story I wrote in 7th grade (wow, so long ago…) about a poacher who has a change of heart. Not so in the second version, as you see. That story actually won my grade level in my school for Young Georgia Authors, a writing competition that I participated in that year. That was a crappier 7th grade version though. I got the inspiration from playing a game called SIM Safari. Haha!


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